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Have you ever thought that you need a network of women that will help you along in this journey you’re on? One that will make you feel welcomed and that not only supports your desire for professional development but that also provides you the resources to be empowered and to improve personally? If this sounds like you, you’re not alone!

The Women’s Business Network of Frederick is a nonprofit organization dedicated to inform, encourage, and support women in their quest to grow their businesses.

It was designed for women just like you. Those who want to improve their health and self-confidence and to feel empowered. Additionally, those who want to simply belong in a group of like-minded professionals who provide unconditional support. All while gaining tools and insight to help them grow in their profession.

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.”

Maya Angelou

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Remember the Past

Since 2000

How it all began...

In 2000, six women met for lunch at (what was then) Tauraso’s Restaurant in Frederick. They bemoaned the fact there was no business organization in Frederick singularly focused on helping women grow their businesses. Formerly known as the Women’s Focus Group, the Women’s Business Network of Frederick (WBN) formally adopted its new name and selected a logo in 2004.

What it is today...

Today, the luncheon is no longer a table for six, but many tables that hold as many as 80 women entrepreneurs for lunch. We now have luncheon meetings each month as well as a monthly after-work social. Our popular luncheon meetings promote networking activities and business education through interactive workshops. Our after-work socials are low-key networking at its best. The WBN linchpin is developing strong relationships mixed with some education and lots of humor. There is no pressure to supply leads, and certainly no sales pitches. It works because the WBN is about connections and relationships! You’ll be amazed at the friendships you develop that will last a lifetime.

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