Pascale Brady

Pascale’s corporate and entrepreneurial experience enables her to empower individuals, couples, and groups to overcome challenges in life or work, specializing in those related to transitions and relationships. She also guides international expatriates toward successful integration within their new culture and surroundings; coaches parents to build and strengthen harmonious adult-child relationships in the home; and leads teams to solve problems through the Active Learning Model.

Title Topic: Work/Life Balance: Myth or Attainable Goal?

Participants will discuss why and when work/life balance matters, why imbalance can be uncomfortable, how to navigate it and find a point of equilibrium.

As a result of this discussion, participants will have a greater awareness of where they stand at this point in their life, what’s important, what they’d like to work on, and start taking steps toward a more satisfying homeostasis.

Beth Conny

Beth Mende Conny, M.A., is the president of Write Directions and has written, edited and ghosted more than four dozen books and collections. Her latest book, Fearless Creativity, was recently released. Beth works one-on-one with career women who want to write books to build their businesses and position themselves as experts. She also coaches individuals who need to strengthen their on-the-job writing skills.

Topic Title: The Art of Schmooze

From Networking to Netplaying, does the thought of networking make your stomach ache and knees shake? That’s because you think of networking as work. But what if you took the work out of networking and net-played instead, meaning you enjoyed yourself and connected with others more easily?

It’s easier than you think, and Beth Mende Conny, founder of the Write Directions Institute and author of the book Art of Schmooze, will show you how. You’ll learn how to make the rounds with poise and purpose, jump-start conversations and lay the groundwork for longer-term relationships.

Carol DeLaski

Carol is an Executive Coach, Author, and Founder of Wholistic Woman Retreats. She is credentialed through the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and coaches in the government sector, as well as in small-to-medium sized businesses. She is a gifted facilitator experienced in delivering interactive team building programs. Carol is certified in the Action Learning process which teaches teams how to solve real business problems while developing leadership competencies. She serves on the WIAL-USA Board and donates her time to the Woman-to-Woman Mentoring Program. Her coaching book, Lost and Found: Discovering Strength in Love and Faith tells her own heartwarming story of being lost while sharing strategies to overcome adversity and become more resilient. Coaching questions throughout the book allow the reader to capture her own wisdom and insights. Carol is passionate about developing the strengths of individuals/teams and supporting them in being their best!

Topic Title: Think, Talk, and Work Better with Others

Would you like to be a great communicator? Many agree that communication is the key to fulfilling relationships…including fulfilling business relationships. What would it be like to communicate more effectively with your colleagues, employees, or team members?

As always, change begins with knowing yourself. At this table discussion you will learn a 7 level framework to understand both the spoken, and unspoken, messages that you express at work. Equipped with that knowledge you will learn strategies to shift into higher levels of positive and affirming energy. Let go of confusion, misunderstandings, and frustration with this proven tool for better communication.

Diane DeMarco

Diane DeMarco is president of Marketing @ Work, which provides a full range of marketing, PR and website services to local and regional companies and organizations. She is also a Constant Contact Partner, and provides email and social media services to a number of clients. Before launching her business in 2004, Diane served as Vice President of Marketing Communications for the Frederick-based First Nationwide Mortgage Corporation. She is active in her church, and is a member of the Habitat for Humanity Frederick County “The House is in the Bag” Purse Auction Committee and serves on WBN’s “Steps to Success” Committee.

Topic Title: How to Use Targeted Email Marketing to Grow Your Business!

Sure, you go to lots of networking events and collect business cards – but what happens to those valuable emails you now have? What if you could use all of the emails you’ve collected to build an on-going email marketing program that would give you a steady stream of new clients?The death of email marketing has been greatly exaggerated! Sixty-six percent of online consumers made a purchase as a result of an email marketing message, according to the Direct Marketing Association. But, those emails need to be right on target, with a compelling subject line, can’t miss calls to action, and great content. This session will show you how to put together an email marketing plan that, combined with social media marketing, can get your sales up and running smoothly so you no longer have to constantly hustle for clients.

Participants will learn how to create compelling enewsletters and subject lines. How to maximize all of the marketing features of email marketing (Constant Contact will be used as an example), why they need to tie together all elements of their company’s on-line marketing, and how to use a “lead magnet” to gather more emails. Additionally, attendees will be given hand-outs that outline the essentials of email-social media marketing and a list of resources. This will combine a teaching style with open discussions where participants can share ideas.

Jenna-Brooke Destefano

Jenna-Brooke Destefano is an experienced Health and Wellness Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and Owner of Healthy4Lyfe, LLC. Jenna fell in love with health and wellness after a health crisis in her own life and now shares her story to help other women live healthy, more fulfilling lives. She enjoys finding unique and fun ways for her clients to prioritize themselves and their health while living busy, fast paced lifestyles. Jenna believes it’s never too late for you to be remarkable and instills that belief in every one of her clients.

Topic Title: Food, Fitness, and Fun for your Busy Lifestyle

A session geared towards making food and fitness and fun in your busy lifestyle.

In this segment Jenna-Brooke Destefano will teach you ways to eat healthier, move more, prioritize yourself and finally enjoy doing it. You will explore some barriers to making the change in your lifestyle and immediate action steps to see progress.

Laura Johnson

After 27 years working with a local community bank, Laura created Hummingbird Wealth Management as a practice for clients seeking a firm that genuinely cares about them and their goals. Laura enjoys helping, educating, and supporting her clients through many of life’s challenges and transitions. Our areas of specialty include Long Term Financial Planning, Estate Distribution Planning, Retirement Income Planning, Divorce Planning, and Professional Money Management. Laura has held her securities, life and health licenses since 1999, her Certified Financial Planner™designation since 2006, and her Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™designation since 2015.

Topic Title: Taking Control: Financial Strategies for Women

This discussion focuses on sound, practical strategies that may help you strengthen your financial future. Topics include: Getting your financial house in order, preparing for the unexpected, putting your money to work by investing, building a healthy nest egg for retirement, and facing financial hardship (such as divorce and widowhood).

Participants will receive a workbook to take notes, and there will be a real conversation with real questions about your specific situations.

Sandie Lynch

Owner of ATP Consultants, LLC, Sandie has 30 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, as a Registered and Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist, Certified Fitness Trainer, and Wellbeing Coach. Her personal struggles with obesity and yo-yo dieting during teenage and young adult years, led her to develop the ATP Lifestyle™; 5 Key Principles to Attain Top Performance (ATP) in Wholistic Wellbeing for more power, peace and joy every day. She blends evidence based strategies for health, nutrition, and fitness with a spiritual connection to help her clients permanently remove barriers to feel and live their best. You can hear about the ATP Lifestyle through her ATP Fitness™ classes, workshops, public speaking events, group/private coaching, and retreats.

Topic Title: Health Strategies that Prevent and Heal Disease

Know the Evidence: Health Strategies that Prevent and Heal Disease There is so much information in the media, on the internet, in the latest and greatest diet book, how do you know what is true?

Learn the facts on behaviors that actually improve health, prevent disease, and provide a long productive life!

Kimba Green

I’m Kimba Green, President and Chief Engagement Officer of White Lion Social. A Social Media trainer, speaker, and strategist, specializing in physimetrics, user interface, interaction, community building, tool assessment and marketing with a story. Teach at University of MD, Johns Hopkins University, Marymount University, Frederick Community College and the University of Salisbury. Clients include commercial, non-profit and government organizations.

Topic Title: Does Social Media Know Me?

Let’s sit down and discover how we can be memorable to Social Media and have our business be successful. What Does Visual Marketing on Social Media Look Like?

Where am I and where do I want to go? Where is my audience or tribe? Connecting in a meaningful way.



Catherine Barton

Catherine Barton, PhD Candidate, is an International Executive/Political/Leadership Coach. She is the owner of Future Thinking Consulting and is currently working on her dissertation that focuses on why American expatriates prematurely return home before their assignments abroad are completed. Out of 482 international competitors, Catherine was chosen as the top finalist in a United Nations Challenge that concentrated on empowering women all over the world. She was recently interviewed on WHAG for her unique way of using science to professionally develop leaders and their workforces. Catherine is training for a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail that she has planned to embark on in two years.

Topic Title: Dealing with Jerks!

Surprise, there are some jerks in business! Learn how to equip yourself with a skillset that results with you shining in the end. Business is not for the faint of heart and we must embrace, understand and build upon our own aptitudes and have an outcome of total self-confidence. When you know your own worth as a business woman then you will easily deal with and then forget the idiots you may come across. This workshop will incorporate humor as well as scientifically proven procedures to build up the self-assurance of the modern day business professional.

Participants will leave with a feeling of empowerment and a knowledge of how to face a disruptive individual without appearing weak. The workshop will start with an informal lecture but eventually incorporate a two-way dialogue between group members. The team will be given a workbook to jot down notes to better establish what they would like to contribute during the limited time. It will also include advice for the participant after the session is over to take into their workplace.

Pascale Brady

Pascale’s corporate and entrepreneurial experience enables her to empower individuals, couples, and groups to overcome challenges in life or work, specializing in those related to transitions and relationships. She also guides international expatriates toward successful integration within their new culture and surroundings; coaches parents to build and strengthen harmonious adult-child relationships in the home; and leads teams to solve problems through the Active Learning Model.

Title Topic: Interviewing: Beyond Your Resume – Who Are You, Really?

Learn how to be your most authentic self to the recruiting process, and how to dance the recruiting and interviewing dance in much more comfortable shoes.

Kelye Rouse Brown

Kelye is a professional coach, trainer, business owner and builder through her company, KRB Business Solutions, LLC. She is also a partner in Minute Leap DFW, LLC, and the Vice President of Human Resources and Community Relations at the Wholistic Coaching Coalition, LLC. Her motto: Educate, Motivate, and Cultivate sum up her approach to drive others to succeed from the core. Prior to launching her business in 2005, Kelye traveled extensively across North America working for Wyndham International as a corporate coach and trainer. Her experience in the hospitality, coaching and training industry began 24 years ago while working for hotels as human resources and training director in the Washington, D.C. Metro area. She has earned a bachelor’s degree in speech communication and public relations and holds many professional certifications. Kelye enjoys connecting with others, food, wine and traveling. One of her favorite travel spots is Red Rock in Sedona, Arizona, where she says an amazing journey awaits.

Topic Title: Live Your Life Sunny Side Up

Be Positive. How do you express gratitude? What are some ways you look at the bright side to cultivate optimism? How do you control your thoughts to avoid overthinking?

At this interactive and upbeat session, Coach Kelye Rouse Brown will teach concepts from the book The How of Happiness, by Sonja Lyubomirsky. Participants will gain a better understanding of the practices of gratitude and positive thinking. At this workshop you will learn:

  • How to express gratitude and understand that it neutralizes negative emotions
  • Create habits to make out the positive side of your situations
  • To finish each day and move on to avoid overthinking and comparison

Tara Diffenbaugh

Tarajdesigns is a full-service residential and commercial interior design firm, with over 25 years of local and regional projects and satisfied clients. Tara specializes in individual consultation and staging services and is also a Certified Aging in Place Specialist. She works closely with clients to create inspired designs that result in exceptional living and working environments.

Topic Title: Design Strategies – Creating Function and Beauty in your Own Space

Living a FULL life…something we all would like to achieve. Let’s start the process by understanding how your environment and personal spaces can have a great impact on your happiness AND how you can create a plan to make a difference.

This will be an open discussion group with a written format. Participants will be able to leave with a game plan or outline on how to approach changes, they can make, to feel and relate to their own spaces differently.

Lisa Hammer

Lisa Hammer, PMP is a co-founder and principal of Leadership Techniques, LLC, a small business that offers customizable leadership and project management training and consulting targeted to specific audiences. She is a Project Management Institute-certified Project Management Professional (PMP)® with more than 30 years of experience, specializing in project management and staff development for both large and small firms. Lisa has managed the implementation of several multi-million dollar programs, which included coordination of staff, consultants, and subcontractors to achieve client goals while maintaining budget and cost controls across all activities. Her executive career has been highlighted by a broad range of qualifications, including proven leadership and analytical skills, collaboration with outside groups, along with a reputation for accountability, flexibility, and resourcefulness. Lisa has been selected to present multiple courses for PMI SeminarsWorld®, a series of professional seminars, which are held annually in various cities throughout the United States and internationally.

Topic Title: Leadership Techniques in Developing your Business

In this discussion, we will focus on the strengths that we bring to the table that help us grow our businesses while enabling others to reach their potential. Learn to expand conversations into opportunities and make the most of your valuable minutes. Nurturing client relationships requires patience, resilience, and sometimes even toughness. We’ll talk about the balance between responsiveness and practicality and share ideas to help us achieve our potential in business and in life!

•Learn to quickly identify ideas within conversations and expand into business opportunities
•Effectively manage your time while being responsive to customer’s needs
•Engage your clients and teams with effective communications and motivational techniques

Jackie Lamothe

I’m a serial entrepreneur! For the last 20+ years I have been an Area Director for BNI, the world’s largest networking organization. Over the course of my professional life I have been a Fine Art Consultant, a model (those days and THAT figure are long gone!), a French baker, a gift store owner, a travel agency owner, and so many other things I’m sure I’ve forgotten about. My travel firm, Circa Travel is headquartered in my home in Frederick’s Historic District. I specialize in European travel by land, sea, and the magnificent rivers of Europe. My great passion is travel in Italy. I love designing trips and tours for enthusiastic travelers.

Topic Title: Digging Deeper with your Networking

A lively discussion with talking points and examples of effective networking/marketing practices. This year we will dive into the networking pool with purpose! How are YOU staying top of mind with your clients and prospects?

You will start the all-important process of identifying just WHO your ideal client or prospect really is. You will learn one of the easiest ways to keep YOUR name in front of your target market all year long! You will have fun helping the other ladies at our session jumpstart their networking/marketing for the 4th quarter and beyond.

Cheryle McKee

Nutritionist and Wellness Coach, Cheryle McKee, is passionate about helping families use diet and lifestyle to improve their health, simply and affordably. She believes in eating real food and listening to our bodies to hear the wisdom within, so we can adapt to life’s challenges with grace and joy, in a body that looks and feels great doing it! Cheryle holds a Masters of Science in Nutrition & Integrative Health, is Board-Certified and licensed in MD. She is the owner/founder of Nourishing Abundance, LLC in Frederick MD.

Topic Title: Self-Care Strategies for Women

As women, we tend to put everyone else before ourselves. We’re usually the first up, the last to bed, and the ones who worry most. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Learn how to care for yourself so you have the energy and joy you need to serve others without sacrificing your own needs. Life is short! Let’s enjoy its beauty!

Kimba Green

I’m Kimba Green, President and Chief Engagement Officer of White Lion Social. A Social Media trainer, speaker and strategist, specializing in physimetrics, user interface, interaction, community building, tool assessment and marketing with a story. Teach at University of MD, Johns Hopkins University, Marymount University, Frederick Community College and University of Salisbury. Clients include commercial, non-profit and government organizations.

Topic Title: What Does Visual Marketing on Social Media Look Like?

We tell stories with our pictures but what is it that we are actually saying? Create cutting edge social media strategies and campaigns for businesses, institutions and you. I’m the creator of the popular Social Media Therapy program, which helps you to demystify today’s social media platforms, enabling you to confidently enter the online world. As a sought after speaker, in mind mapping, Prezi, Evernote and every Social Media Platform for individuals and groups.

Write and take pictures to captivate your audience. Why tell a story?







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