Jean Wright

Jean Wright

Jean’s career spans over 30 years working in various types of sales environments. She has sold tangible and non-tangible items ranging from personnel services to kitchen products and has worked for global companies as well as run her own business. She is currently an account executive for Frederick Magazine. Her varied experiences as a woman in sales has prompted her to write a book detailing the challenges and unique situations she has encountered in her career throughout the years.

Title Topic: Salesmanship – The technique of (confidently!) selling a product

We are always marketing ourselves in business but do we know how to feel confident about selling the product we represent? Whether you run your own business or work for someone else, this workshop will provide you the tools to be successful with prospecting, presenting the product or service and asking for the sale.

The participants will learn specific techniques they can use for cold calling and prospecting, i.e. – how to ask for an appointment, how to find new business without any leads. Effective presentation techniques that work for both products and services and not being afraid to ask for the sale.  

Janice Rockwell

Janice Rockwell

Janice is an attorney at law in private practice in Frederick, Maryland where she focuses on employment law, business formation, contract drafting and disputes, commercial litigation, mediation, construction law, real estate related disputes, and commercial landlord/tenant matters. Licensed to practice law in both Maryland and Pennsylvania, Janice has over 30 years’ experience in the practice of law and is a graduate of the Dickinson School of Law and the Pennsylvania State University.  She currently serves as Treasurer on the Executive Committee for the Bar Association of Frederick County, Maryland, Inc. and serves as President of Main Street Middletown, Maryland, Inc. Janice helped form Women’s Business Network of Frederick, Inc. in 2004 and has served as WBN’s Vice President and President.

Topic Title: Getting your Legal Ducks in a Row: Legal Advice Every Business Owner Should Know

Running a business can leave you feeling like you need to be a jack of all trades and master of none. Legal knowledge is a must, whether it be in negotiating a lease, drafting your business contract, hiring and firing employees, paying employees or a myriad of other topics. What should you know?  When can you handle it yourself, and when should you engage a professional?

Participants will pick up tips about commonly occurring legal issues so they can avoid situations where they find themselves at a disadvantage. For example, an attendee will learn why she cannot recover their attorney’s fees from the other side and what proactive steps she may take to change that. They will also gain a general sense of what they can/should do on their own and when it becomes more cost effective to hire professional help. The teaching style will be flexible to attendees’ knowledge level and interests. It will include concrete tips and knowledge gleaned from many years helping business owners and move to more directed discussion based on attendees’ expressed concerns.

Kimba Green

Kimba Green

Kimba Green is a Social Media trainer, speaker and strategist, specializing in user interface, interaction, community building, tool assessment and marketing with a story. She has taught at University of MD, Johns Hopkins University, Marymount University, and University of Salisbury. Her clients include commercial, non-profit and government organizations.

Topic Title: Social Media for Today, Tomorrow, and Next Week for Your Business Success

Do more than just post your social – manage your social media! It isn’t enough to know how to post an update but now you need the tools to organize your post and analyze your post. And where do you find all this info? It’s all in the tools! Talking tools can also make your head spin so I will break it down to the best and easiest! Let’s get organized!

Participants will take away information on tools to manage your social media accounts; how to analyze your social profiles; and the easiest and best tools to use to promote your content.

Catherine Barton

Catherine Barton

Catherine Barton, PhD(C) owns Future Thinking Consulting where she primarily acts as an Executive Coach, Organizational Consultant and Professional Developer. She is the Founder of MY Future Thinking which is a members-only, exclusive group of serious professional women that is expanding to 12 states in less than 3 years. She has two Frederick groups that have exceeded her expectations. Ms. Barton is close to finishing her dissertation on American expatriates and organizations have already asked her to utilize her expertise within their companies. Catherine was the top finalist in a United Nations Challenge concerning women and equality where she competed with 500 international opponents. She also contributes business articles to multi-million dollar companies.

Topic Title: KNOWING Your Value When it Comes to the Professional World

This is NOT the table for you if you prefer to be a timid professional because our discussion will be focused on understanding that YOU HAVE WORTH – so let’s use it! In my line of work I find that many people have the skills that they need already in them but don’t appreciate their own talents. In our 90 minutes together we will cover a variety of subjects that pertain specifically to the career woman and how she can personally utilize her own abilities to the fullest. Like always everything I do is backed by science and for this session it will concentrate on: mindset, boundaries and strengths plus a lot more that I have never included in any of my trainings. What you bring to the world is appreciated!

The participants will leave the table empowered with a sense of internal substance.  The basic plan is for me to talk for approximately 10 minutes at a time on scholarly based information and then the rest of the group will contribute. I expect great energy, laughter and open free-thinking for this session to realize success. FUN, smart women welcomed!

Jane Helm

Jane Helm

Jane Helm is the Principal of Money Mentor Group. As a Certified Financial Coach, Jane combines decades of financial services experience with a degree in social work and psychology to bring positive financial change to her client’s lives. Jane partners with clients to take meaningful and consistent action to achieve a life of financial well-being. As a strategic, visionary thinker, she inspires people to optimize their full potential while maintaining a focus on their personal financial goals. She collaborates with her clients to ignite awareness and access understanding of what drives financial choices. This type of financial coaching leads her clients to increased confidence in making their personal financial choices.

Topic Title: Using Your Voice, Values, and Vision to Achieve Financial Success

This session is designed to give you increased confidence in creating a money life of authenticity, while focusing on building stronger interpersonal skills with those that you share your finances with! Jane is passionate about financial education and enhancing self-assurance with money. She will guide you through a deep dive into self-discovery to level up your clarity in and confidence in creating financial goals that are aligned with what is important to you.

You will leave with a new understanding of how your self-talk effects your Money Mindset, a better understanding of what you want money to do for you, and personalized priorities in taking your next steps in creating success with your finances.

Cheryle McKee

Cheryle McKee

Nutritionist & Life Coach, Cheryle McKee, helps business leaders optimize the physical, mental and spiritual health of their employees so they can serve each other and their community with joy and purpose.  Using scientifically proven strategies, ancient wisdom and a whole lot of common sense, Cheryle makes self-care so practical and easy-to-do that people crave and insist upon it – even amidst busy schedules, tight budgets and unexpected life events.  We can’t give what we don’t have. Cheryle teaches you how to fill your tank so you’re the best version of you – even when no one is looking. Cheryle is founder and owner of Nourishing Abundance, LLC above the Tasting Room in downtown Frederick, MD.  To learn more, visit

Topic Title: Good Intentions Fail. Succeed Anyway!

Ever commit to eat better or lose weight only to have invites to parties and social gatherings spring out of nowhere?  Or commit to exercise after work only to get a big project that requires you to stay late? Or maybe you vow to save money only to incur a major expense?

Life laughs at our best-laid plans!  Our resilient, graceful reaction allows us to confidently reach our goal in a way that inspires others to follow suit.

In this spirited conversation, you’ll laugh and share with other successful women as we explore techniques to stay focused and resilient when life throws us curve balls.  Using journaling and visioning, you’ll create targeted strategies to joyfully employ in your personal and professional life, immediately and consistently.

In this session, you’ll learn tips to stay sane when life gets crazy, including how to:

  • Quickly align your priorities and values to stay laser focused on what matters,
  • Call upon the protective benefits of stress to stay happy and resilient, and
  • Keep self-care your first priority, without feeling selfish!

Sandie Lynch

Registered and Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist, Certified Fitness Trainer, and Wellbeing Coach.  Sandie is owner of ATP (Attain Top Performance) Consultants, LLC.  She has over 30 years of experience in the health and fitness industry inspired by her personal struggles with obesity and yo-yo dieting.  As a teenager, poor self-image, unhealthy behaviors and body inspired her pursuit for personal healing. This started a journey of transformation from the inside out. Today her passion is to help others find healing from within for greater personal power, peace, and joy every day for full purposeful life.  Sandie shares the ATP Lifestyle: 5 Key Principles for optimal health, nutrition, and fitness with a spiritual connection for sustainable strength.  You can find out more about the ATP Lifestyle through her ATP Fitness™ classes, group and private coaching, and small women’s retreats (

Topic Title: Say No to Your Inner Critic! Gain Greater Success and Power through Grace and Compassion

We are often our own worst critic, telling ourselves we are not enough to do something. (You know what is true for you).  We compare our performance, our bodies, our possessions against others and often come up short, at least in our minds.  This practice is building a wall that separates us from the very thing we desire.  Creating change in our lives starts in the brain and if our brain is telling us we can’t, then we won’t.  Understanding the brain chemistry can help us shut down the critic and set free our personal best. Free to be Me!

By participating in this discussion, you will:

  • Expose the critic who is keeping you small.
  • Learn how to embrace grace and compassion and shut down your critic
  • Transform your brain for greater power and success in any area.
  • Build personal trust and learn to love who you are today

Pascale Brady

Pascale Brady

As a life and business coach with 27 years of professional experience, both in the corporate world and as an entrepreneur, Pascale empowers individuals, couples, and groups to overcome challenges in life or at work, specializing in those related to transitions and relationships. She guides leaders toward wellness and wellbeing, international expatriates toward successful integration within their new culture and surroundings, and also coaches parents to build and strengthen healthy, harmonious adult-child relationships in the home. Pascale Brady, founder and President of Global Life Coaching LLC, is The Challenge Coach ©.

Topic Title: Leading Well: Wellness for the Leader in You

Are you a woman in a position of leadership? Do you your own and run your own company, or are you in a leadership position within your organization? Could you be taking better care of yourself? And of your team? A Wellness Plan for self care can increase your stamina for the many roles and responsibilities you assume, help you stay attuned to the needs of your organization to choose your priorities and goals wisely, and balance your professional and personal needs in such a way as to keep one from overtaking the other. Bringing a culture of wellness to your whole organization will support you as a leader, and those whose work you guide.

Participants will create a Wellness Plan for themselves, and have a call to action be their guide along the path of their healthy career success. The program will include hands-on training, and ideas and suggestions tailored just for the participants. They will also have a chance to discuss ways to promote wellness in the workplace. The presentation will be a mix of formal presentation and teaching alternating with hands on practice of wellness and creation of an action plan.



Carol deLaski

Carol deLaski

Carol is an ICF credentialed Executive Coach, Author, and Founder of Wholistic Woman Retreats which hosts personal and professional development programs for women-on-the-grow. She coaches in the government sector (CBP, NSA, DOJ, FAA, and DOT), as well as in small-to-medium sized businesses. She is a gifted facilitator experienced in delivering interactive team building programs. Carol has significant expertise in strengths development of individuals and teams. She utilizes Gallup’s Strengths Finder 2.0 assessment as a springboard for her custom program which teaches and develops a deeper understanding of personal and group strengths. She has provided her strengths-based leadership development program to businesses in the health and financial fields, non-profits, churches, and government agencies. With her program clients report improved communication and employee engagement, as well as increased confidence and morale among their staff members, which positively impacts the overall performance and effectiveness of their organizations. Carol is the author of Lost and Found: Discovering Strength in Love and Faith.

Topic Title: Be Strong, Be Confident, Be You!

Do you know what your strengths are?  If so, do you know how to use them to consistently get the best results?

It’s been said that our strengths can become a weakness if we don’t have effective boundaries around them. The question is, how do we create those boundaries to avoid the pitfall of providing too much of a good thing?

If you would like to learn how to better manage your natural talents with skill and ease, then this workshop is for you!

 In this interactive program, you will learn:

  • That it’s okay to know and talk about your strengths – and why that is important
  • How to use your strengths to get more of the success that you want at work, and in life
  • How to manage your natural talents to avoid ‘the dark side’ (aka overwhelm/weakness)
  • To better understand your leadership style; your natural way of getting things done
  • How much more success and happiness awaits you at work and in life overall when you lead with your strengths.

*Participants are encouraged to take the online Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment prior to the workshop and bring their top 5 strengths with them. Access codes are available in the book Strengths Finder 2.0 by Tom Rath or online at

This will be an interactive 90-minute session utilizing a combination of learning styles such as large group discussion, partner pairing, and individual reflection. Participants will ideally bring their top 5 strengths with them (accessible through the Clifton Strengths Finder online assessment). We will use that information as a springboard for the discussion. They will learn how their top 5 strengths are currently showing up, what the light and dark side of their strengths are, and strategies to manage them better. They will also learn about Gallup’s 4 leadership styles and gain greater knowledge of how that applies to them at work and everywhere in their lives. They will walk away with a better understanding of their natural talents and how to better use them to get consistently positive results.

Casey Clark

Casey Clark

Casey Clark has a passion for and is committed to helping others, especially women in business. She has been assisting others grow their businesses for the past 7 years, spending the last 4 years focusing on inbound marketing. Having obtained a MBA, a masters in coaching and multiple certifications related to inbound marketing, Casey offers a unique prospective and is able to gain a holistic understanding of an organization. Her education and experience have enabled her to develop a marketing strategy that not only increases sales but that also improves the efficiencies of the entire organization. She has a knack for recognizing the potential in others as well as their businesses and enjoys helping them reach it.

Title Topic: Buying has changed. Has your marketing?

I will facilitate this session with a teaching style showing real life examples to help participants better understand. I will also illustrate some points by mapping out a website on a flip chart. Participants will learn how buying habits have changed from having companies shout at them and what is necessary to align their marketing with the changes. We’ll discuss what needs to be implemented to have a strong marketing foundation. Lastly, we will cover how their website needs to be used as a marketing hub, rather than a brochure, so that they can be found on Google and in the blogosphere.

Participants will walk away with a checklist of next steps that they can take to assure their marketing is being built on the right platforms and with the right strategy. They will understand the fundamental pieces for a strong Google and social media presence as well.







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