Member to Member Discounts

The Women’s Business Network (WBN) encourages members to do business with one another by offering a Member to Member discount program. You can boost your business by offering a discount or a “freebie” to other WBN members. You can offer a percentage off the purchase price, such as a 10% discount off the price of a car rental or 15% off color copies, or a “freebie,” such as a free consultation. You will benefit by bringing in customers and promoting your business.

This holiday season, support your fellow WBN members and local businesswomen by considering their products and services for your holiday gift giving. They have some great offers just for you, fellow members! If you have something to offer members, please sign in to your profile and update your information.

MEMBERS: To locate the list of discounts available, please click here or navigate to the Member Directory on the main menu. Note that this page is a MEMBERS ONLY page and will require you to sign in to your WBN profile. You will find a column on the right entitled M2M Discounts and if a member has offered a discount, their information is included here.

If you wish to participate in the program, please fill out the following application. Applications must be signed by an authorized company representative indicating agreement with the following criteria:

  • Discounts must be available to all WBN members.
  • Participants are responsible for updating their offer on an as needed basis.
  • All specific details and restrictions of the discount are to be handled by the participating company.
  • WBN will assume no responsibility for information that is outdated or otherwise incorrect.
  • Discounts are subject to change or withdrawal at any time and are at the discretion of the individual business.
  • WBN reserves the right to decline or remove any discount at any time.
  • WBN does not endorse goods or services and assumes no liability or responsibility for the provision or acceptance of goods or services.
  • WBN reserves the right to change the Members to Member Discount policy at any time.

M2M Discounts

  • Please provide the name of the company representative authorizing the discount program.
  • I agree to abide by the criteria listed above.


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