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Healthy Habits for Financial Success - Sep 13 2018

Financial success

Laura Johnson, CFP® of Hummingbird Wealth Management, and Jane Helm, Certified Financial Coach of Money Mentor Group are joining forces to present “Healthy Habits for Financial Success.”

Our character is a collection of our habits, and habits have a powerful role in our lives. Habits consist of knowledge, skill and desire. Knowledge allows us to know what to do, skill gives us the ability to know how to do it, and desire is the motivation to do it.

Our daily habits can lead to pitfalls when making financial decisions. Laura and Jane will share important information to increase your knowledge, and through this education, you can begin to experience clarity, confidence and prosperity!


Jane HelmJane Helm

Certified Financial Coach



Laura JohnsonLaura Johnson

CFP of Hummingbird Wealth Management