about us is really about you

The Women’s Business Network of Frederick is a nonprofit organization dedicated to inform, encourage, and support women in their quest to grow their businesses. The WBN promotes networking activities and business education through interactive workshops.

The WBN exists because we want you to have the tools to succeed, to make the learning curve shorter, and to give opportunities for sisterhood. We are a network of women that encourage and support each other. Friendships are made, businesses are created and ideas and support are continuously given and taken.

We are all working professionals and small business owners, volunteering our spare moments to share our success stories, to help you become more proactive, and to support your dreams.

We have a paid membership and a general emailing list. All are invited to attend our meetings; however, you will notice that member event rates are significantly more economical than non-member rates — attending less than half of the year’s events will realize a savings greater than the cost of annual membership.

We are not just any networking organization. Our meetings are about discovery and connection. We are not New Age. Quite the contrary. We bring concrete strategies and topics that will challenge how you think about doing business. To quote Dr. Phil, we like you to address the question, “How is this working for you?”

We have luncheon meetings each month and unless noted, they are held from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm at Dutch’s Daughter Restaurant (581 Himes Road, Frederick). Our popular meetings promote networking activities and business education through interactive workshops. We host our premier event, Steps to Success, in October, and there is no meeting in December.

This is low-key networking at its best. The WBN linchpin is developing strong relationships mixed with some education and lots of humor. There is no pressure to supply leads, and certainly no sales pitches. It works because the WBN is about connections and relationships.



to inform, encourage and support women in business


networking activities and interactive workshops


educated and knowledgeable business women