In 2000 six women met for lunch at (what was then) Tauraso’s Restaurant in Frederick. They bemoaned the fact there was no business organization in Frederick singularly focused on helping women grow their business. Today, the luncheon is no longer a table for six, but many tables that hold as many as 80 women entrepreneurs for lunch.

Formerly known as the Women’s Focus Group, the Women’s Business Network of Frederick (WBN) invests its energy in helping established businesses transition to the next level through an interactive workshop. A facilitator presents an overview of the basics of the topic, and then, through a well-planned exercise, encourages participants to share ideas and experiences. “Not only are we learning a new way to approach old topics, but we are networking as well.” notes one participant.

In 2004, the WBN formally adopted its name and selected a logo from the several logos designed by graphic designer Heather Bodnar. The original website, two years in development, launched in 2007, and helped members track events and connect with other members.

Only Shabri Moore from the original members remains in the WBN. Shabri recognizes that the reason the WBN has flourished without advertisements or much publicity is because there is a real need for women to congregate and share business knowledge.




to inform, encourage and support women in business


networking activities and interactive workshops


educated and knowledgeable business women